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CASL Services to Help You

Finding the Right Professional

Individuals and organizations, like you, have many choices when it comes to working with a professional to help them become compliant with Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation (CASL).  Finding the right person to work with can sometimes be a challenge because not all professionals have the same knowledge, expertise and experience with CASL.


My Experience

Since 2008, I have been writing about Canada’s efforts to implement anti-spam laws, and, in various leadership roles, I have organized and chaired several programs on CASL, including programs involving representatives from both Industry Canada and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), who have regulatory making authority under CASL.

I was the primary writer of the “Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation (CASL)” chapter in Business Laws of Canada (published by West, a Thomson Reuters business), and I am one of two co-authors of the “E-Commerce” chapter in Business Laws of Canada (published by West, a Thomson Reuters business). I am also a frequent contributor to the Information & Technology Law Newsletter published by Carswell as well as other publications.

In 2012, I was appointed the inaugural Chair of the Canadian IT Law Association (IT.Can)’s Public Affairs Forum.  From 2006 to 2012, Andrew served as the Public Affairs Liaison (formerly the Advocacy and Government Relations Liaison) for the Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Section of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA).

I am also a frequent speaker on Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation (CASL), and some of my speaking engagements are highlights on this blog.


How Can I Help You?

I help individuals and organizations, like you, to navigate the intricacies and complexities of CASL.

I work with a dynamic team of lawyers, who come from a variety of disciplines, who assist me to help clients understand both CASL’s requirements and their obligations under CASL.

The members of my law firm’s CASL team bring diverse backgrounds and specific industry and specialty expertise to our group, which enhances our team’s ability to assist a wide range of clients.  Some of these clients include charitable and not-for-profit organizations, direct sellers, financiers, government ministries and agencies, health industry clients, IT providers, lenders and lessors, marketers, public and private companies, retailers, small, medium and large businesses, sole proprietors, and start-up businesses.

The team I work with offers CASL assistance to clients in a number of ways, including:
(i)  advising on both CASL’s requirements and individuals’ and organizations’ obligations under CASL; including marketing, advertising and fundraising activities
(ii)  assisting with the development and implementation CASL compliance strategies, including:
-  auditing of current electronic communication practices
-  developing a CASL compliance strategy and action plan
-  drafting and reviewing CASL compliance policies and processes, including consent forms, unsubscribe and agreements
-  drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure third parties are CASL compliant
-  drafting and reviewing related policy development (i.e. privacy, website, privacy terms of user, employee and acceptable use)


If I can be of assistance, please contact me.

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